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kabul years before. it just simply was too dangerous. it is still a dangerous place, by the way. i don't want to sound pollyannish here. things havent is changed for the better in afghanistan and the american people, sadly, don't know it. relative to the american by way ofy itself part of the story, of course, is the growth in the number of students. when it opened i think it with 53 students. there is now 1,000 students there. 300 of them are women. and they have a broad number of courses. i won't go into all those. on ann a a newd campus an international campus women's economic . defense dollars to open up a women's economic development school, a.i.d.?'t that why is it d.o.d.? significantly to the security of the country, but i think basically the answer is because the d.o.d. did a number of things including some of the commanders' expenditures which helped the development of that is so essential to its security and this is part of it. at thee story we got american university at a town meeting we had there is one hisdent we talked about life experience. when the taliban was there, he
'm off the streets. i was mugged across the street i don't have an id. that wasn't in the jen's street or the bayview. i had my wallet taken i was sitting in the park but i want to say to you all. don't make the mistake because you're going to answer to god for this because mother brown's place all ear people and her personnel p there is honorable and nice people. they don't care what color you are they don't care about your background. i'm asking to make the right decision and god will bless i >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm steven henry. i was borden and raised in san francisco in the bayview district. i'm in support of the beds for a house do you say that? a numerous amount of reasons. one they support people and give them resources and help. two it's a nice location the lady was talking about all the crime did nobody mention it's right down the street from the police department. they have a clinic when was right up the street a couple of other treatment centers and a like the man said it's to save them money. 3 the man says he has a business around t
don't need more homeless beds in the bayview >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm samantha i'm nervous i've never done this before. i used to be homeless for about a year and the only reason i was able to not become homeless was because of the program affordable housing. and i don't see that here. i think that there. >> need for more homeless shelters it's not in the bayview but it needs to be open for discussion as to whereabouts in the city and there's got to be more programs on the homeless for them. so that's all i have to is. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> supervisors good afternoon. i'm robert i'm a bayview resident. i'm here to express my opposition to the homeless shelter. i was going to talk about the 17 month lapse the deplete and the deception. i'm going to talk about the dangers of the building. within the requirements of safety regulations raw materials used for manufacturing and destruction maybe stored on site and may include chemical and explosive or flammable materials that's unquote. now to remind everybody in 1996 a factory lifted a wh
what kind of girl stuff? i don't know. i don't know. bubble bath, tryin' on outfits, walkin' around with a book on her head. whatever helps you sleep at night, peaches. y, look, don't care what you think, all right? you don't have the facts. debra has a mustache. do you mean a lover? no! no, no, mom! it-- could you please never say the word "lover"? i mean, she's got a--a-- a lipular forestation. you know... fuzz thing. that's all. she just needs time for that kind of... maintenance. hey, i don't want to alarm you, son, but even if she had a big woolly, lumberjack beard, she wouldn't need a whole afternoon. raymond, there's something going on. all right, i don't care what she's doin' over there, all right? i gave her some time alone, and whatever she's doin', it's all right with me, all right? i totally understand, so let's just drop it. it's eatin' you up alive, isn't it, kid? no! no, it isn't. where u goin'? i'm goin' outside, all right, huh? or do yothink you're the king of where i go? 'cause you're not, ok? nobody is! very good, robbie. team effort. [sobbing] wout of landfills e
receive any complaints? >> i don't remember. i mean there is a suggestion here that the complaint was made to the department. i do not have the records in front of me and so i cannot speak to it. >> okay. >> question, would you have any reason when issuing a permit of this nature that the applicant in terms of a safety record or anything of that nature, or are you just looking at the plan that they are submitting and making sure that if you will up to code? >> and in this case, what the department does is based upon the information provided to us, we view the application and based on that information, only and there is no way that we will be able to identify whether there has been a safety issue previously with the applicant. >> i have a question, mr. hwang. >> what determines whether a permit is required for the tree trimming and require a permit? at this point? >> i do believe, that there is an upcoming appeal for the tree removals of such of the area, however, i am and i know that tree trimming on the whole does not require a permit. and >> sorry to interrupt. is there a certain thresho
standards, i don't know if those apply or not and i don't know what they are. so i guess what i am not understanding... >> they were required to have a flagger, it is checked as a requirement for the permit. >> right. >> but there are a lot of allegations in addition to that, whether the wood chipper was used properly, whether the traffic control was satisfacotry i don't have a basis to judge without the standards. >> i am not sure that they are going to be able to give us much because it seems to me that it is specific to each case and what will be relevant would be the requirements that were put on the permit and whether or not they met those requirements for that permit. >> but, if there are standards outside of the permit, and i understand that there are standards within the permit itself. and i see those. but if there are other laws that governor say health and safety around tree trimming and tree removal then we need to know what those are so that we can protect the public safety. >> that is what i was missing. >> who would be able to provide that? dpw streets and mapping can
they don't have the numbers. >> no, we don't have that data. we're not going to have that data on an hourly basis. >> i don't have the numbers. >> how many have signed up thus far? >> fully enrolled? i can't tell you because i don't know. >> okay, greg, they still don't know and they aren't projected to know any time soon. >> yes, six people. there are more bodies in beckle's bed right now than that. >> ew. >> the upside, the only number piers morgan beats in the demo. thought i'd get a piers morgan jab in. no, it's incredible. it's amazing. it's almost as though you can't be this incompetent by accident. it's like there's a secret olympic event among bureaucrats to see how bad they can be. this is like incredible. it's almost like inspiring how awful they are. >> how could this happen? you look back at president obama. the first digital president. how well he ran his campaign. do you think david axelrod would have let only six people per day donate to obama's re-election? i doubt that. >> or if they would have admitted it. when gur governing, it's different. if the president wants an answe
coffee table. don't know what they are into over there. u.s. officials said the white house okayed spying on allies which contradicts what obama and his top aides. this has thrown them under the bus again because again he is a kenyan born, lady hating interloper. our relationship will never be this close with our allies again. >> like i said, first gay marriage and mow it is dogs and dudes. i want to go to the expert here what did you make of the reports that obama was spying on allies? >> without getting into too many details, what we call this in the agency is called something nicey naughty pasamaquadey. first you identify who is nice and that is the president and naughty is nsa. naughty is here and nice right here. as far as pasamaquadey that's over there. >> that's a clear explanation. >> most of us with a background try to do that. >> a lot of people that come on these shows pretend to have expertise and hmm and haw. >> baker good to see you on the show. you worked with the cia. >> yes. >> what the hell is going on? >> go on. this will be good. >> bill is absolutely right. >> this ha
and with that, here is mr. ward. i asked you a question for clarification. because maybe i don't remember and in the limited live legislation, does it specifically say, restaurant and pub or bar. >> no. it does not. >> we have used it at our galleries. >> okay, that is what i thought. >> okay, thanks. >> great. over a small multimedia, facility, and we offer photography and audio services and the business is not boom and we are also double our wall as a movie theater and we built a sound system and all of the walls are heavily sound proofed and the intent was to keep the recording services sound out and not going outside, but also, be or have one neighbor, and he has never complained once. and all of the other neighbors are landlord which is two houses over and, then for the services across the street and other than that, there is nobody around to annoy. we have a mechanics behind us and we have a firm right next to us that closes at six and the restaurant that closes at 3:00, and so, we have had some nightly movie events and we personally have had no complaints from neighbors whatsoever
have any background on why that change was made at state level. >> i don't can the planning staff answer that question. >> i don't know that's a state law beyond the planning coincide. >> but it was true it was 10 years at one point and it's now 5 years. >> the city attorney mate know. >> i believe the ellis act has always contained a tiered number of business so if you go back into business in 5 years after 10 years there's more restrictions but i understand part of the ellis act has not been amended. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioner sophie with the planning staff. i received one letter from the san francisco association i will distribute that to you are the association recommended 3 modifications is that the 10 year term be reduced to 5 years and when the law becomes effective and if the unit has been lawfully removed an owner shall not be subject to this ordinance. i'll distribute that and i have a chart for the criteria for dpooshsz as well as the evaluation of merges and to non-residential uses if this ordinance were to be adopted that i have copies for the public a
buyers to rehab loans to other sources such as single family loans. at this time we don't have any programs to address this particular situation. we clearly could explore that in the future, but that at this time we don't have anything in place that would address this. >> i think it would be good, i understand that's the case. i think it would be good to be able to use this experience in a way that might inform future programs and services relative to people on disabilities and on fixed incomes and on the housing fund. i don't think there has been that in this program, i think it would help a lot of people in san francisco. >> supervisor kim? >> thank you. are we jumping the gun. my questions are for the city. >> if there are any other questions, we have one more individual for public comment and then we will go to the city's presentation. sir, if you would like to make your presentation now. >> tom gilberte. bravo. for 400 units plus in south beach marina, the only way i got in was take the bathroom door off. no other unit in a different style can get my wheelchair in. we may get
recognition to goes to the database to danowski is up of this self don't the you have 20% off on those issues it is all new consumer driven world. melissa: i am now ready for thatt sounds like spying. said they laughed at the idea of advertising of the internet. people were always scared but this is tremendous innovation in zero career right in front of our eyes. $100 million of 2013 it will undoubtedly be a major industry in the next couple of years. melissa: where is the industry you see this right now? >> right now in ameca is limited with regulations people with agriculture a lot of people wanting to use the drones and agriculture but especially using them for good that is something that the ngos have been talking about to protect the endangered species with the of marine areas those that take the ducks that are critical and even a third world countries. melissa: like the idea but we're to receive the application was commercial use? >> whether. weather prediction, clyde did management, michio in engineering. i want to take half clones controlled by other consumers and have clones tell the
there are situations where maybe not all owners agree to condominium conversion maybe because they don't want to pay the fee but there are other owners who have other greater incentives to sell. is there anything that mandates that the owner itself must pay the $8,000 fee or is this a payment per unit but can be divided differently among unit owners? >> supervisor, that's correct. the fee is calculated on a per unit basis but applicable to the building. there is no -- requirement for the owners to pay the fee. the owners can decide amongst themselves how to pay the fee. they can even structure it as a loan to maybe one owner who couldn't afford the fee at the time or until a far future date by making it part of the deny knxv -- making it part of the home owners from the loan of the hoa to the individual when that individual sold their unit. there are a lot of options potentially among owners that the legislation doesn't speak to. >> thank you, in your memo you related that you have done a quick survey of the property. what do you estimate it's current value -- at? >> we did have a quick turned to d
it is less likely we will need those judges so if you don't mind, if you don't mind i would ask if the educator's here would stand so the we may honor you properly for the bush -- the work that you do. [applause] >> and to be sure you are properly recognized, the head of my children's school is here with two of her colleagues. i don't know why you are hiding but we are glad you are here so that being said welcome to you both, we are happy to see you and you are heavily happy to be seen. i cannot forget it was year ago this week, a year ago this week that these terrible events occurred. it seems like a long time ago. doesn't it? >> i don't feel something has happened to me. when i think of malala yousafzai, there are pictures, and everything, i don't think that is me because i am feeling it. i am just a normal girl, and i am feeling powerful because after that incident, the people and the good wishes of people that people have sent me, in their prayers that have made me more powerful so i am really happy now and i don't feel like i was shot. >> one of the things i've learned from
claimed all along that they didn't have the numbers. >> we don't have -- 48 hours, wn don't have that data and won't have that data on a daily ornot hourly basis for you. >> well, i don't have the numbers yet. >> how many have signed up thus far? >> fully enrolled? i can't tell you, because i don'tr know.t t >> okay, greg, they still don'to know andka they aren't projected to know any time soon. >> yeah. six people. there are more bodies inple. beckel's bed right now than that. this is the upside for cnn. it's the only number appears morgan beats modemo. amazing. almost as though you can't beas this incompetent by accident. it's like there is a secret. olympic event among bureaucratsr to see howet bad they could be, how much money they can spend to do the very worst thing 'cause nobody does this by accident! this is like incredible. it's almost inspiring how awful they are. >> dana, how could this happen? you look back at president obama, the first digital president, how well he ran his campaign. do you actually think that david axelrod would have let only six people per day donate to obam
for an emergency, call me. i'll be there-- - you know what? i don't know where the years went. 'cause sometimes when i look at my hands, i don't even recognize them. - tell me about it. - whose hands are these? they're not my hands. i don't know. - all right. you know what? maybe we'll just-- - uhh-- - we'll go slow. - no. jim... [bottle clangs] - all right, check it out, huh? [cheers and applause] like a phoenix from the ashes. ksshhhh! - nice. - pretty soon, we're gonna be at the ceiling. - whoo! - can you hand me a card? - um, it's empty. - what? - oh, come on. we could use a blank card. all: no! - that's cheating. - i could get us a complaint. - you? little miss priss? you wouldn't fart on a butterfly. - no, i wouldn't. i can't even relate to that impulse. but i bet i could get us a customer complaint. i'd like to try. - hmm. yeah. - all right. - yeah, go, pam! pam... [all chanting "pam"] - what? why did you call me out here? - the target-- it's oscar, isn't it? he and the senator are gaying each other. - i don't know what you're talking about. - your nostrils tell a different story. they f
that are on the books and the words that are used and if that language is clear and unambiguous, then you don't dig further than that. although certainly people could argue that you can do that. i think this language is clear about the issuance of a notice. >> thank you. colleagues, any final questions to city staff? okay. at this time let me ask? >> supervisor tang? >> i just have one more question to process. maybe john gibner. if the board decides to approve the waiver or reduction, i just want to know what the following process would be if the process i will move forward if the appellant had paid the fee and no. 2, who is the body as to the waiver and reduction. >> deputy city attorney, john gibner. if the board decides to wave or reduce the fee, that would be a determination that the board would make based on findings that the nexus study does not apply or does not stand up in this case. the board would today articulate some findings to that effect to me and the clerks office. we would prepare and additional motion for next week's meeting or the subsequent meeting laying out the board's findin
obama care warning signs continues. >> i don't know if i would be talking to you now. >> "hannity" starts right here, right now. >>> welcome to "hannity." tonight for the hour we'll be joined by a studio audience from both sides of the aisle to debate the disastrous health care overhaul. you will hear from real people. real cancellation letters, real rate shock. on day one of the obama care exchanges only six americans -- only six people signed up for it. that's not the only embarrassing part. it is pathetic. we bring in the studio audience. good to see everybody. all right. is there one liberal here -- i'm looking for just one -- that will admit that the american people were lied to? if you like your plan -- >> clearly didn't tell the truth about it. it's clear we have to figure out why and what to do about it. we have to make the law work. we can't just trash obama care. >> why do we have to make a law work? >> it's the law of the land, sean. >> slavery was, too. we overturned that. >> so you will admit we were lied to. >> clear. >> if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.
>> what are those improvements. >> i don't know. i guess bathroom upgrades and a door. >> so it seems like. >> i'm. >> there's not a lot of uncertainty. >> i have a colleague here to answer but we have an external door for folks. and how do you plan to pay for the total costs of this shelter i mean, the 978 is for the build out >> sure it's been in the budget was it introduced this year? or last year? >> this year. >> yeah, it's our currency your current 13, fourteen budget. >> t is this allocation for the next 2 years or 10 years. >> the board can't bloating this. >> thank you, supervisor cowen as a director stated this funding is allocated in the 13, fourteen budget it's precipitate $500,000. and we will need to - if the shelter does open we'll need to allocate those additionally fund or same fund in fiscal year fourteen, 15 and have you identified any particular funding to pay for this >> the general fund is proposed to pay for this. >> do you have any idea what it costs on an annual basis for the beds. >> it's about $500,000. >> for a year? >> yes. >> i trust that
waiter thank you arraignment. so a lot of people don't get that and it can make our life easier. if you have mobility issues that's a in his luxury to have. >> the internet provides a lot of profundities. people young and old. by following some simple rules you you can, in fact, the web safely and securely. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ for more information visit >> the regular meeting of the san francisco ethics commission is called to order. >> king? >> here. >> andrews. >> here and commissioner hur said that he will be here, seeing that we have a quorum we will start and he will be a few minutes late and commissioner hayon will be excused and to welcome mr. king as the newest commissioner and hopefully, you will find it interesting and enjoyable. thank you, mr. chair, it is a great pleasure to be on this commission, and i have followed your activities over the years. and i look forward to having a very fruitful, and very interesting time, serving with all of you. >> all right, and at this time, i would, is there any public comment on either matters on the agenda or that are within the
to get you back into the "cnn newsroom" with don lemon. >>> hello, everyone, don lemon here in the "newsroom." back now with our live coverage. we're going to learn a lot of new things about what happened in los angeles including a new photograph of the victim. we hope to have that for you within the next hour. we'll begin, of course, in los angeles where we have just learned beefed-up security teams are monitoring l.a.x. airport police are getting lots of help one day after a gunman opened fire killing a tsa officer and bringing chaos to one of the world's busiest airports. >> today in our enhanced deployment for los angeles world airport, los angeles police department has committed additional resources. this morning i met with the federal air marshals and they're providing additional resources for us. obviously today and for the foreseeable future we'll continue our very high profile at the curbs and anywhere in those ticketing areas and anywhere on our campuses. >> we're also learning some new troubling clues emerging about the suspect 23-year-old paul ciancia. a source t
't typical. you don't normally see this. people are walking in and out of the airport trying to figure out what to do, where to go and these people will be looking at 24 hours of this. >> kyung thank you very much indeed. >>> now we go to chris lawrence at the shooter's family home in new jersey. chris, what do we know about him. we know he's 23 years old. he's called paul anthony ciancia. what else? >> reporter: we are getting a picture of him, his life and growing up here in the east coast and his background here with the family. standing outside of his dad's home in pennsville. the police have been here for most of the night now. the police chief is actually inside that house, still speaking with the family. we know he grew up in this area. neighbors say it was a very close knit family. the police chief says they had no problems with this family whatsoever. in fact, the neighbor says that his dad was a well-respected member of the community, a business owner. his son paul worked for his father for several years before heading out west to live in los angeles so seems like have arnormal l
that or not. but i don't see how he does not know that. neil: that is what worries me the most. because if you take that at face value, it means that there's a government going on with freewheeling spies doing their thing, oblivious to or in contempt of, you know, the president of the united states and that is a little unsettling. >> harry truman needs to have the famous plaque on his track that the buck stops here. certainly not with the president who seems never to know about anything. but looking at kathleen sebelius, she still has a job after this big bungle. the bosses away and the cats are going to play. >> the president might be perfectly innocent in his own right, but the staff is running roughshod on him and not only on him by the constitution. >> there's a question as to how engaged the a's. an article about how he likes to invite columnists over to the white house to discuss their columns and viewpoints and sometimes this goes on for 2.5 hours and not sound like a lot of fun. i think i would like to do that and that is not governing. that's not the president of the united states sho
to negotiate those greens and side it a positive impact. i don't find the addition wrong or unskillful to not take dr approval >> second and a commissioner. i want to reinforce that the project sponsor could work with staff and to device some kind of landscaping. i know that would be deserve not making it a condition at this point but - >> we can look at that commissioner. >> commissioner. >> yeah. i had a question for project sponsor. i know you mentioned the idea of a set bank is that still on the table >> i want to jump on board the 6 foot set back we had 5 and i can't remember from the hr dr decision so we're set back at least 6 feet. >> so the set back has occurred. >> absolutely. absolutely that's a beautiful idea at all skinny became but 6 feet is a lot to work with. we have my clients here right now we can ask them >> thank you there's no need. >> thank you. commissioners if there's nothing further there's a motion and second not to take dr on that project (calling names) >> commissioner moore. >> can we add to find a landscape softening to add to the impacts i get th
, commissioners. the corporate way, but the public library and don't give money to the friends of the library and i do have a graphic display and i hope that you know that on september 19, the california fair political practices commissioner in sacramento found that the city librarian was guilty of three years of violations for further report of gifts and these are laws that are designed to represent those in the public from representing the interest of those who give them money instead. and in order for the society to protect itself, the city library had to sign, every other year under penalty of perjury that he attended ethics trainings on reporting gifts and in order for this society to protect itself, the city has to sign that he has taken training and after that he has signed the perjury that he had nothing to report, while he was receiving $65,000 per year, from the friends of the library. and these statements under the penalty of perjury had no effect on inducing the city library from making the required disclosures, the reason for the signature under the penalty of pergry is to make e
. there's no doubt there's a sort of malaise in this country. i don't think that people realized the last three credit card reports we got on debt, people have used their cards -- the debt went down three months in a row. $14 billion. there's no confidence in this economy. no confidence in the direction of this country. and it's reflective. and this could be the final nail in that coffin. >> i don't know how you draw the correlation between this and a slowdown in holiday sales right now. >> well, let me -- >> i can do it. >> let me tell you, you arrogant good for nothing. [ laughter ] >> you're paying more for premiums, you will have to pay less -- people don't have your kind of money. >> but the haters like you are saying -- >> i am not a hater. i am telling you -- do you think it will affect holiday sales? yes or no? >> mr. neil, you are speaking out of both ends of your mouth, and here's why. on one hand you're saying that the plan isn't going to work. >> no. all i'm asking, will it impact holiday sales? yes or no? >> no. i don't think so. >> that's all i need to know. dagen? >> yes. >
in time, i don't think that you can permit something, that is going to function in one way, and when it is an accessory use. okay? and so, i don't think that you can permit this. and you need to give it to the city attorney and maybe continue it. >> thank you. >> any other public comment? >> i am flabergasted by this conversation, frankly. let's go back, inspector edwards goes out there like a cowboy riding through the night and handing out citations, correct? and this poor guy is told that you have to get a permit. so he goes in and applies for a permit, now i would argue and i have argued over the years that the fourth amendment takes place over the code. and it is the law of the land. if i have an art gallery and i am showing, films or i am, you know, doing something and i am not serving food and drink like a nightclub or restaurant then i don't need one, let's talk reality. reality, out on the street right now, and you know what i tell my clients, over permit. over permit. because, the guy or the gal, who is 6 months out of the police academy, and it is 2:00 in the morning or 12
to be just like the american people and enter the exchange and agree to find a way to do that. i don't care. >> it is illegal. >> stewart: did you hear her? it is illegal. doesn't stop him. well, breaking the law! i encourage you to join billions of, millions of americans who break the law every day. i was, impressive grandstanding, with delivered with panache, but let this missouri congressman tell you how not to take no hypothetical force a moment. >> if it is possible for you to go into the exchange, like all of these millions of americans that are going to the exchanges, will you commit to forego your government insurance plan you are on now and join us in the pool? >> sir, the way the law is written -- >> it is a yes or no. let's say you are wrong on that. yes or no, if you are wrong -- >> i don't want to -- >> stewart: madam secretary, ar, ar, a r, the let's say hypothetically, let's say the south won the war and you, you yourself have a terrible nut allergy would you join? >> let me try this. zero oh, let me finish! if americans spoke french and, would you then sign up for obamacar
interesting. >> thank you, don. >> thank you. we appreciate that. let's get to the top of the hour and the top story now. >>> hello, everyone. i'm don lemon, you are in the cnn news room. it is 6:00 straight up here in the east. we are going to begin in los angeles. you need to watch this story. the widow of the tsa officer killed in the brutal attack at l.a.x. speaking out. listen. >> hello, everybody. thank you for coming out. i know you have been waiting for a statement from the family. thank you for respecting the fact we are hurting. my husband passed away. here is a statement. he was born and moved to the united states at the age of 15. he graduated from high school. we met in 1994 when i was 16 and he was 19 and have been together ever since. we married on valentine's day in 1998 and had two beautiful children. he worked for the tsa organization since 2010. he was a security officer. he was always excited to go to work and enjoy the passengers at l.a.x. he was a joyful person, always smiling and took pride in his duty to the american public. he was a great man who always sho
, which is understandable. and then some people just don't like the concept because they think we would attract crazy people and they don't want crazy people in their building. >> the clients run the gamut, from construction workers to administrative assistants. from bheem are angry at their bosses to people who want exercise. >> is there something you're angry about or here for fun? >> i'm here for fun. i can probably think of things that make me mad. >> we all can. i was saying i've been on the phone with the dmv for an hour. i was angry when i got in there. >> the stuff to destroy comes from the street. making it cost effective. >> people constantly have trash every day all day. we use all of that. we go on pickup days and we pick up the large items that people don't want anymore or can't be used anymore. those are the items that we use to operate off of. >> today the anger room has three rooms that can be set up like anything you want. but donna sees this as just the start of -- >> if all goes well, in five years, i think you'll see a huge facility, 10,000 square feet, loud announce
that because essentially the hospitals are saying, you know what, we don't want to deal with health reform. we don't want to get paid by health reform. >> mike, while these private doctors are doing great work on the internet, think of this. what the health care exchanges are doing. they have to register 39,000 people a day in order to reach their deadline, their march 1st deadline of 7 million. 39,000 a day. if they can't handal couple hundred a day at most, how can they handle 39,000 a day? >> david, my beef with this whole obama care versus the private sector has nothing to do with the computer glitches. it has to do with the fact that when you look at procedures that are handled by the private sector because they're not covered by insurance like lasik eye surgery, dental implants, the quality of the procedures have improved dramatically over the last two decades and the costs have fallen dramatically because they're not incumbered by the regular laces in free insurance. >> the mess in the system p obama care is they may sour the public on anything on the internet, even things working in th
'm there now. i guess i don't have to explain to you how people with disabilities so much likely that we will find a job and that employers will under that we are able to do our jobs and that we have our brains intact and despite that, it's very challenging because we have disabilities. it doesn't matter. at this point i'm living off 10 hours a week of work that i can luckily to do at home. paid at $14 an hour. i have to live off that because if i earn $1,000 a month they cut me completely off my benefits which i cannot live without a caregiver. i cannot. i'm completely paerlzed. with my situation they basically said it was just an economic hardship, but it's much more than that. it's being disabled and i feel maybe the law missed that some of the tenants were in tic and some tenants might be disabled and having an up the -- tough time of finding offeredable housing in the city. my appeal is to appeal to your hearts and to understand that yeah, my economic hardship it's not something out of choice. it's purely based on my disability and it's my reality right now and i find completely i
that don't go down because they haven't been checked >> well, after and brush cleaning, and lubrication, we jump up and down on them. i weigh 170 pounds. they don't go down, like we're stretching them. crank them back up. break them free. after we lubricated them. >> what kind of lubrication? if it's a frozen type. we use a penetrable type >> with escape artists, you regularly check them? >> it's all us calling them each year requesting if they would like us to do maintenance service for their drop ladder. each year it's quite simple and easy procedure to do. and we appreciate that people take pride and understand their fire escapes and drop ladders are a part of their building's safety system. just like the sprinkler systems. they are usually located along a fire escape ladder way, platform system. the fire department does use them to approach emergency situations in buildings. >> this is interesting on who's checking them. in san francisco for residential units and motels and hotels, the housing inspection division is required to check every 5 years to do an inspection of the buildings. a
from an old playbook which is, "it's not our fault." how does that play? >> i don't think it works. the president of the united states is on video dozens of times making the promise, repeating it, being emphatic about it. not that he said oegsally in passing if you like your plan you can keep it. he was saying this in response to republican claims that you would not be able to keep your plan even if you liked it. basically the defenders of the law have no arguments to make now. so they've got to choose two villains. one republicans in congress. the other, a valerie jarrett tweet, the president speaking in boston trying to villify insurance companies. you have now seen it in hearings the other day. >> they blame cancellations on the insurance companies who are obeying the laws they passed. >> right. >> the insurance companies are cancelling people because obama care requires them to. >> exactly right. >> it is an interesting argument by the administration. that's the one they have chosen. as far as blaming republicans they appear to be pinning the health disaster b on the g
that like bad for a black person to dress up as a gorilla? >> i don't think there's anything wrong with it >> okay, we got black certification. and dr. murray was probably very ignified about the whole thing >> he jumped in the tree and started swinging around. >> he makes bad decisions which could have been afforded if he went to the movies 13 years old. the end of the he other coach gave denville washington a banana and compared gorilla moment. a powerful ro roll the remember the titans clip. that was clearly clash of the titans but good stuff. aybe this whole thing isn't racist after all >> maybe ate not a big thing anymore. that. nks for >> racism, no one understands it like those completely unaffected by it. thanks, dr. measure reufplt you have corn rows now. mar odomes ok like la off the wagon. we found out he was at beachers ight ande on wednesday n the problem is he was wasted e n and wning shots of patro drinking champagne the entire time trying to be sober. he worgs place you can go is a place like that >> no kidding. >> no way if he's still partying he's going to be in s
all of these technological assets and human assets, we're not there, we don't know, and i think there is a lot of room for error. >> you can see robert greenwald's film in its entirety at the website i urge you to watch it with a companion because you will want to talk about the questions it raises concerning national security, drones, and the nature of war. then i'd like to know what you think. remember that in the excerpt we showed earlier the former drone operator says, "this is what we do, we kill people and break things, this is what our job is." it's true. once we insist on war as a solution, this is always the outcome. there is no way to avoid killing the innocent when you've determined to destroy your enemy. our own government has fought our wars by dropping atomic bombs on whole cities. by firebombing. carpet-bombing. by spreading the poison of agent orange over the homes and farms of noncombatants. by splashing burning napalm on children. in this war on terror, we're told either we put boots on the ground and see our own young men and women kille
peace and legitimation. can you recall a lot of younger people -- a lot of people now don't recall, but just looking out into the crowd, some of you will recall the late 1960s and early 1970s. some of you will recall the long and hot summer. some of you will recall the soldiers and the army alert called out to patrol the streets of the united states in the late 1960s. and it was not a matter of whether there would be a riot were several riots but how many riots were there and remember that in the late 1960s and the early 1970s, social disruption, violent social disruption, it just went up in flames and there were hundreds of people who were killed on the streets of the united states. kilter social disruption and there were many people who thought, this is really a dangerous situation and we need to do something to calm things down and we need to do something to show people who were saying that we are going to have social justice or we will burn it down. well, what do you say to those people? you need to show them that we have had a change in regime and we really are going to repudi
that we don't expect those numbers to be very high and we never did. henry is at the white house with our report. reporter: embarrassed over the rollout of president obama signatureomestic achievement that only six people signed up on day one and was criticized by congressman darrell issa. >> there are no doubt there from a contractor about figures. if the website wasn working on october 1, that is a dog bites man story i said demanded to know why a parade of tp officials including kathleen sebelius did not give the information. >> if you have internal numbers and you're not willing to hear extra numbers, you are doing the kind of propaganda that this administration has done since day one. reporter: they say it will take a couple of weeks to nail down the details. >> why don't you put out a reasonable preliminary number and show us some transparency. >> we have a reasonable and accurate number as we promised we would on a monthly basis, consistent with the data release that you see other programs. the focus here is understandable on how low the number might be. reporter: jay carney said t
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